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Chicago Pneumatic Rivet Busters with CPS

Originally designed for cutting and forming metal rivets, the Chicago Pneumatic buster is now used for concrete demolition and has become one of the starts of the CP range.

It has a low frequency blow with hitting power equivalent to paving breaker twice its weight. The new CPS includes a stepped piston and step cylinder to prevent accidental ejection of the piston.

Model 4611 Rivet Buster by Chicago Pneumatic
4611 P - 11" Open Handle
Model 4611D Rivet Buster
4611 D - 11" D-Handle
4608 P - 8" Open Handle 4608 D - 8" D-Handle


  • Teasing Throttle for progressive hitting frequency gives better control of such a powerful machine
  • Special Boyer Valve makes the cylinder stroke effectively longer for more hitting power
  • Boyer Valve's high qualitty design makes the blow more consistent
  • Forged steel handle for long life in rugged conditions
  • Stepped piston of hardened steel
  • New buffer ring is now 90 durometer rubber for extra life
  • Stepped piston to prevent accidental ejection of the piston
  • Choice of Cylinders:
    • 11" Cylinder (720 bpm)
    • 8" Cylinder (1080 bpm)
  • Choice of Handle:
    • Open Grip with Outside Trigger
    • "D" Handle with Inside Trigger
  • 1/2" Inlet Bushing
CPS: Control Power System
The wear indicating groove on the lower sleeve indicates that the bumper is completely worn out and needs to be replaced.
When the bumper is 75% worn out, the bleeding ports are opened due to the outward movement of the upper and lower sleeves, this causes the piston to stop in its lower position and the air to exhaust above the retainer
Continuing to use the buster when the automatic stop function has triggered may cause damage to the sleeves and possibly the cylinder.

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Riveter Busters Specifications

Model Part no. Weight (lbs) Blows/Min Cylinder Stroke (in.) Length (in.) Air Cons (cfm) Air Inlet (in.) Chuck Size (Jumbo Shank) Handle Cylinder
4608 P 8900 0001 49 30 1080 8 23 45 1/2 0.890" x 1.125" Taper Open Grip - Outside Trigger Short Cylinder
4611 P 8900 0001 50 33 720 11 26 45 1/2 0.890" x 1.125" Taper Open Grip - Outside Trigger Long Cylinder
4608 D 8900 0001 51 31 1080 8 23 45 1/2 0.890" x 1.125" Taper "D" Handle - Inside Trigger Short Cylinder
4611 D 8900 0001 52 34 720 11 26 45 1/2 0.890" x 1.125" Taper "D" Handle - Inside Trigger Long Cylinder